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Stay in control of your strata property management requirements with our easy software solution with dedicated administration support. We understand that managing body corporate affairs can be difficult especially when you have other commitments such as work and family. We make it our priority to make your job simple so that you can satisfy your responsibilities in an effective, less costly and simple manner.

At Our Body Corp, our Administration Support Package is our most popular strata real estate service offering. As an owner or member of an owners’ corporation committee, achieve quality strata management service results with our unique cloud-based solution. Our bespoke strata software platform provides a secure facility to manage your body corporate services. This strata property management solution can be accessed anywhere and anytime at your convenience.

This package allows you to manage your affairs by conducting your own meetings and remaining in control of all decisions affecting the body corporate. All this can be done while your strata community is backed by our experienced and qualified support team who take care of the day-to-day administration tasks. Our package has been designed to lower body corporate fees while retaining the high-quality service offering.

What administration support will we provide?

In the Administration Support Package, we will:

• raise all levies on your behalf on a quarterly basis;

• allocate payments of levies by owners on a quarterly basis and also send out reminders and overdue notices to owners;

• update the platform with all expenses paid on a quarterly basis;

• issue a half yearly income and expenditure statement and reconciliation against the half yearly bank balance;

• establish the Body Corporate Budget (adopted in the AGM / EGM) – as per the directions from the committee each year prior to your AGM for your ratification and we will adjust at the direction of the Treasurer where changes are made during the AGM;

• issue notices via the online noticeboard on matters relating to levy payments;

• contact owners with outstanding balances and handle all enquiries from owners relating to administration matters;

• send you (the owner or committee) a reminder two weeks prior to the quarterly administration for a copy of the bank statement to be sent to enable the processing of your administration requirements; and

• provide support anytime you need including guidance on use of the platform for your meetings and AGM.

What will you need to do as the owner or member of the committee?

As the owner or member of the body corporate committee, you will (among others) need to:

• hold an Extraordinary General Meeting and confirm your future levies/budget and vote in a committee and appoint the office bearers;

• establish a bank account with the Treasurer, Secretary or Chairperson as two signatories;

• create an email address/account specific for your body corporate;

• advise all maintenance and utility service providers currently providing services to your property of the change in management and request that all invoices are sent to the new email address (we can do this for you for a fee if requested);

• manage the maintenance requirements of the strata environment;

• authorise payments to third party suppliers in accordance with your charter;

• conduct an AGM annually within 3 months of completion of the financial year;

• confirm levies on an annual basis at the AGM and vote a new committee annually; and

• create direct debits for each of your suppliers where possible (we can also do this for you for a small fee if requested).

Want a demo?

If you would like to demo our software solution with a trial instance tailored to your body corporate, we can customise this for you following a quick discussion with you.

How must does this cost?

Our leading Administration Support Package is valued at an industry-competitive $116 per unit per year.

Are there any additional fees?

The only additional fee is a one-off admin set-up fee which will not exceed $32 per unit. The amount of this fee depends on:

•  the current month in your financial year;

•  set-up activities tailored to your needs; and

•  creation of the initial budget and the raising of the first set of levies.

At Our Body Corp, we offer helpful, user-friendly and comprehensive cloud solutions to help you manage your strata properties with ease. If you own all the properties subject to strata title, or are a member of an owners’ corporation committee together with other owners, our strata management services help keep you in control of your owners’ corporation. For more information about our Administration Support Package, browse our website or call us on 1300 848 343.

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