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At Our Body Corp, we provide leading strata property management solutions that will reduce your management fees by up to 70%. We understand the complexities of managing strata property requirements and have developed tools and packages that will help you remain in control of your strata real estate. Whether you solely own all the strata properties, or own one or a few properties in the strata environment with others, our solutions are available for you to explore and use.

Whether you want full control or wish to delegate responsibilities to a professional strata manager, we offer three strata property management services that can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements for body corporate strata. Our professional strata managers can help you select the right package and guide you to successfully manage your body corporate without the need to engage a full-time third-party strata management service provider.

Body corporate services should not be difficult to manage. We have developed a bespoke strata software platform that makes body corporate strata management simple. Our cloud-based software solution allows you to conduct all body corporate management functions from the convenience of your home. We understand that property owners have busy schedules and want to save body corporate fees. Our all-in-one and user-friendly tool is our leading strata real estate service that is easy to set-up and apply to help you manage your strata properties.

We have three services for individual owners or the owners’ corporation committee to consider: the Owner-Controlled Package, the Administration Assistance Package and the Fully Managed Package. These packages have been carefully designed to provide services in the most effective manner possible to keep fees down and minimise complexities.

Option 1: Owner-Controlled Package

If you or the committee want to take complete control over strata property management, insource your body corporate management function with leading online strata management software. Manage your properties effectively with our technology solution which you can access anywhere and anytime. With leading security features, customisable tools and a quick and easy setup, you will be managing your properties efficiently immediately.

Whether you are a sole owner or member of a body corporate committee, our tool allows you to share the responsibilities for raising and processing levies, paying bills and issuing updates to owners via the noticeboard. This package includes up to 2 hours assistance in setting up the software and guidance on establishing your administration and sinking fund budgets.


• Subscription fee: $84.00 per owner per year

• Additional ad-hoc book-keeping/administration support: $60.00 per hour (if required)

• Additional ad-hoc IT support: $80.00 per hour (if required)

• Additional ad-hoc strata management advice: $150.00 per hour (if required)

Option 2: Administration Assistance Package

Our most popular package is our administration assistance package. Depending on the number of properties you own, the complexities of body corporate management, the time you are willing to spend managing the properties and your experience in managing properties, we can help you with our qualified and experienced support team when you need it.

If you or the committee prefer that the administration aspects such as setting budgets, raising and recording levy payments, recording bill payments and issuing quarterly financial reports are performed by us, we offer this package for a small additional fee for each owner. The committee would continue to be responsible as the managers of their strata and manage maintenance issues, queries from other owners and complete any banking transactions within their online banking tool themselves.



•  Administration assistance package fee: $116.00 per owner per year

•  Out of scope book-keeping/administration support: $60.00 per hour (if required)

•  Additional ad-hoc IT support: $80.00 per hour (if required)

•  Additional ad-hoc strata management advice: $150.00 per hour (if required)

Option 3: Fully Managed Package

Our fully managed package gives you peace of mind with our innovative software solution and assistance from a dedicated strata management professional. This service offering is similar to what owners and committees might have currently, with the additional of access to our strata management software solution. Our qualified strata manager and software tool will provide you with greater transparency on all activities related to your property including financials, meetings and minutes and general works being undertaken.


• Priced upon request. Average estimate is $225.00 per owner per year. Please note that we are not able to facilitate meetings in person in WA and ACT.

For further information about our body corporate services, please call us on 1300 848 343 to speak to a team member or to arrange an in-person no-obligation and confidential discussion.

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