How it Works

Our Body Corp Overview

Best Online Strata Solution

Our Body Corp™ is Australia’s leading national online strata management tool. Saves you money but still provides professional support.

Arrange Strata Meetings

Templates ready for your Meetings – Captured Online

Our Body Corp ™ makes organising and running a meeting easy. Arrange a meeting, invite owners and set an agenda in minutes. Our pre-populated meeting agenda is ready to use, easy to edit if you need so that the meeting items you need to discuss can be added.

Meeting Minutes and Follow Ups

Meetings Recorded and Actions Tracked

Taking minutes and assigning actions using Our Body Corp ™ is easy. Using our templates, you can take minutes and assign actions during your meeting. Our Action Tracker function enables you to keep people updated on progress through to the completion of each task.

Complete Finance Module

Transparency for all Body Corporate Owners

Using Our Body Corp™, you don’t have to be an accountant to track the budget and manage costs. Our easy to use program helps you keep track of income and expenses. Our unique strata levy generator, calculates invoices and automatically sends emails to owners in 3 minutes, quick and easy.

Community Communications Handled

Owners Corporation Notice Board

When you sign up to Our Body Corp™ the units in your strata become part of an online community. Much like Facebook, with privacy settings, you can talk to your neighbours by posting notices on the notice board or having a one-to-one or group discussion.

Venue Management

Book a Venue!

Our Body Corp™ allows residents to reserve community spaces such as barbecues, tennis courts or meeting rooms.

Committee Discussions and Groups Forum

The Place for Communication

Our Body Corp™ provides group chat options for Executive Committees or social groups, where conversations can be held in public or private.

Help! I Need a Professional

Support when you need it

Our Body Corp™ provides regular, easy-to-understand updates and an FAQ section with helpful hints for managing your property. If you get stuck, a strata professional is only an email or phone call away.