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If you are a real estate agent who has a relationship with an owner that needs professional strata management services, consider engaging a service provider that understands strata schemes well. You might have engaged with a purchaser to help them acquire an apartment block, provide property management services to an owner that owns townhouses on a block, or know a property developer who has built strata property and is looking for a buyer.

If you hold these relationships, you might want to help them source a reputable and professional strata management service provider to guarantee the longevity of their development or investment. Owners and investors rely on exceptional strata management services to help them manage the day-to-day operations of the strata scheme and to maintain the value of their investment, without the day-to-day hassle.

Here are six advantages of engaging a strata management service provider that offers tailored, reliable and effective solutions.

Strata Management for Real Estate Agents Australia
1. Commitment and experience2. Innovative solutions3. Communication and reporting4. Access to resources5. Scope and service levels6. Realise improvement opportunities

Strata management service providers are committed to providing owners and investors with the assurance they need. They are familiar with the compliance obligations, regulations, industry trends, market expectations and dealing with residents. The larger the size of the strata scheme, the more complex strata management can be.

Engaging a strata management service provider that has the resources, personnel and experience will help your client receive a dedicated service from a team of professionals who are passionate about protecting your client’s investment. At Our Body Corp, we understand that property developers, investors or owners want control over the management of their properties. We offer a range of service packages to cater to different needs.

Strata management is evolving. Traditionally, you would engage a service provider and they would allocate an individual strata manager, or a team (depending on the size of the block or land). While you receive periodic reporting and can speak to them whenever you like, you have little oversight of your properties on a real-time basis.

Our Body Corp has revolutionised strata management. Our innovative cloud-based solution provides you with direct and timely access to your portfolio. You can among other things, track financials, manage communications and see the status of maintenance jobs all at your fingertips. This solution provides a transparent overview of your investment, while giving you the control you need together with expert support and guidance from us.

Since your client would typically be unable to manage their properties on a daily basis, due to work or family commitments, a strata management service provider takes out the stress and frees up time needed to manage the strata scheme operations. It is crucial that the strata management service provider your client selects provides timely, accurate and reliable communications and reporting.

Our fully managed service offering has been designed for investors or owners who are time poor. With this package, your client will receive all their strata management services to suit their needs which will be managed by a team of first-class strata managers. This means your client will benefit from our leading online platform plus receive access to great communication tools and complete transparency of all their strata management affairs 24/7.

Having day-to-day involvement in the property and strata scheme industry, strata management service providers have access to professional, expert and qualified resources to help when required. Whether there needs to be a mediation between two owners, or an expert opinion in relation to a maintenance or common property issue, body corporate managers will source the right person for the job.

It is important to engage a strata management service provider that has access to these resources to prevent delays in responding to issues and unnecessary cost escalation. Ensure that you remind your owner, investor or buyer to discuss this with the strata management service provider. Typically, the service provider will have long-term relationships with qualified personnel who are capable and trustworthy.

Strata management service providers will agree on the scope of work and a set of service levels. This helps owners and investors understand what to expect. It is crucial that your client negotiates all that they want to receive so that the service can be appropriately priced and is transparent for all stakeholders involved.

For example, here are common service levels your client should consider:

  • Responding to maintenance requests with a certain time frame
  • Mailing notices to owners in a clear format and timely manner
  • Keeping common property clean and tidy
  • Renewing insurance policies on time
  • Liaising with owners in a professional manner
  • Directing the building manager to carry out works and
  • Attending meetings throughout the year.

Strata managers that make recommendations and promote improvement opportunities think outside the box. Instead of receiving a service with the ordinary inclusions one expects, partnering with a service provider who suggests different processes might help your client improve the experience for their residents. Strata managers who have experience dealing with property developments will provide valuable insights to help you enhance your investment.

Remember, the strata management service provider will work with you client. Remember to direct your client to a reputable strata management service provider that is established and understands the industry they operate in. This will help your client maximise their return on investment and receive the exceptional service they need.

At Our Body Corp, we are here to help. We strive to deliver leading services with innovative solutions. Our custom strata management cloud-based solution has been created and developed by experienced professionals who understand the strata management industry. We offer three packages which can be tailored to suit the owner or investor’s needs and budget.

All packages provide access to our technological solution that will put your client in control of their strata management requirements at their fingertips with access to support when they need it. Your client will receive up-to-date information in a transparent manner that helps give them the oversight they need whenever and wherever.

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