Strata Management

Strata management involves a team of managers managing the common property of a block of properties. This function can either be completed by the owners’ themselves or by an outsourced strata management service provider. For owners who want to take control over the management of the common property on their land, a 24/7 cloud-based solution is available.
Our Body Corp is an online platform that enables owners of properties in a building, or on a piece of land, to manage financial, administrative, maintenance and services matters independently. Managing the common property does require care and effort. A tool which integrates all features of successful strata management into one solution saves property owners time and money.
To help you retain control over the management of your properties, we have designed owner-controlled service offerings, through to a fully-managed option, which we can tailor to suit your needs, requirements and budget. Our services enable owners to set their own objectives, maintain their own budget and achieve their goals at their own pace.

What are Strata Management Services?

Strata management services assist owners who own lots in a building, or on a piece of land, to manage common property matters affecting all owners. Prescribed by legislation, strata management requires owners who share common property to establish a body corporate or owners corporation committee to manage shared services, amenities and property-related affairs. That committee can choose to insource our outsource the strata management function.

How Does Strata Management Work?

Undertaking strata management alone is difficult. It requires a team of owners to manage various tasks to ensure that the residents on the piece of land, affected by the requirement to have an owners corporation, remain compliant with laws and regulations. Key tasks include, maintaining common property, mediating disputes between lot owners, raising levies, managing essential services and insurance, and holding meetings.
To help you manage these requirements, Our Body Corp has three service offerings for our clients. Whether you and your fellow owners want little or complete control, we have packages that can be tailored to your needs.

Our Comprehensive Strata Management Services Include:

We offer three packages to our clients:

   1. Owner controlled

Regain control of your strata property. Our leading strata software solution provides you with all the tools you need to successfully manage your strata community. Communicate whenever you need, manage your financials, raise levies, arrange and conduct meetings, issue minutes, log maintenance requests, and more all in quick and easy steps.

   2. Administration support package

Our Strata Administration Support Package allows you to manage your affairs by conducting your own meetings and remaining in control of all decisions affecting the owners. All this can be done while your strata community is backed by an experienced and qualified support team who take care of the administration (i.e. raising owners’ levies and recording bill payments).

   3. Fully managed

For those who are time poor, all your strata management requirements can be managed by a team of first-class strata managers. This means you get all the benefits of our leading online platform plus great communication tools and complete transparency to all owners in their strata affairs 24/7.

How Much Does Strata Management Cost?

We offer industry leading prices for all strata management services.

   1. Owner controlled ($7 per unit / per month)

Access to our fully integrated system makes managing your strata easy. This package entitles you to a 12 month subscription to our online platform together with everything you need to know to get you going. With professional support available anytime, this package is ideal for owners who are capable of managing the properties on the land they share.

   2. Administration support package ($9.50 per unit / per month)

This owner-controlled package provides you with the control you need whilst a team of professionals take care of all the administration (i.e. processing bills and levies). In addition to a 12 month subscription to the online platform and professional support, this package entitles you to take control of your meetings, budgets and costs.

   3. Fully managed ($21 per unit / per month)

The fully managed option is backed by a team of specialists who know how to manage strata affairs. With 24/7 access to the online platform and valuable support when you need it, this package will provide you with transparent updates on all matters to help keep you, and your fellow owners, in control.

Why Choose Us For Your Strata Management?

At Our Body Corp, we strive to deliver leading services with innovative solutions. Our custom strata management tool has been created by experienced professionals who understand the strata management industry.

Here is a list of key features included with Our Body Corp strata management tool.
  • We make organising and running a meeting easy. Arrange a meeting, invite owners and set an agenda in minutes. Our pre-populated meeting agenda is ready to use and easy to edit so that the meeting items you need to discuss can be added to the list as you require.
  • Taking minutes and assigning actions is easy. Using our templates, you can take minutes and assign actions to owners during your meeting with a few simply clicks. Our Action Tracker function enables you to keep people updated on progress through to the completion of each task.
  • You do not have to be an accountant to track a budget and manage costs. Our easy to use program helps you keep track of your common property’s income and expenses. Our unique strata levy generator, calculates invoices and automatically sends emails to owners in 3 minutes, quick and easy. We can also help you identify owners who have outstanding balances.
  • When you subscribe to our platform, the units in your strata become part of an online community. With a user-friendly experience and robust privacy settings, you can talk to your neighbours by posting notices on the notice board or having a one-to-one or group discussion. There is also a tool that provides group chat options for Executive Committees or social groups, where conversations can be held in public or private.
  • Our platform allows residents to reserve community spaces such as barbecues, tennis courts, meeting rooms, and other amenities and services depending on what is available.


Once you have subscribed to our platform, we will send regular and easy-to-understand updates with an FAQ section to help you and your fellow owners successfully manage the common property. If you need help, a strata professional is only an email or phone call away. Comprising all the tools you need to effectively manage your strata property, you and your fellow owners can take control of your strata affairs anywhere anytime.

Strata Management

Strata management, also known as "body corporate management", is the day-to-day operation and management of a property that is jointly owned and comprises multiple units, common areas and common facilities.Strata schemes are governed by State based legislation.
Our Body Corp is a cloud based strata management tool designed to help owners self-manage their body corporations online and save money!Save up to 70% on your strata management fees and still get the professional support you need. Pricing