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property management software
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Renting and managing a property isn’t merely about finding the right tenant but ensuring your property’s long-term security and effective maintenance. Availing the services of a property manager is a prerequisite for investors and real estate owners as they handle and simplify some of the most challenging tasks on behalf of investors, property owners, and renters.

An efficient property management software can smartly and effectively manage all these tasks. The properties can be managed at the click of a button without constantly bothering a property manager. Our Body Corp property management software can help real estate professionals and property managers in their daily tasks and help improve their workflows.

Property Management Software: An Overview

Online strata management software is Australia’s foremost choice for property management solutions. It’s a software that stores all the information applicable to a particular property in real time.

A property management software provides a well-organised, time-saving and transparent communication channel for sharing and achieving the desired results. This software is helpful for lot owners, OC committee members, residents, and corporate body managers to efficiently manage and function the shared property.

Property Management Software Usage

Property management software is utilised across the world by varied groups of people. This software aims to enable the smooth and efficient functioning of a property. The key group benefitting from this software is lot owners who run a unit in strata set-up.

Features including a chat room, owner/emergency/contractor contact details, document hub, financial reports, levy notices, meeting notice board, and voting polls ensure transparency and optimal outcomes. Additionally, it offers peace of mind to investors as they can log in from anywhere at any time.

Data Security in Property Management Software

Our Body Corp’s state-of-the-art property management software has added layers of security. It also provides numerous privacy settings to each private user of the system. While selecting the right property management software, consider the following:

• Opt for a user-friendly system with only the essential features is ideal. Analyse your current operation, determine the reason for seeking a property management solution and decide on the suitable software.

• Affordability is the key. Thus find an Australian-based company with an on-shore customer care team offering the best value strata management software for your property.
Advantages of Our Body Corp Property Management Software

• Running, organising, and arranging a meeting is relatively easy with our software, as inviting owners and setting an agenda can be accomplished with a click of a button. Our pre-populated meeting agenda is ready and easy to edit if required.

• Record meetings, take minutes, and assign actions during the meeting. Our action tracker function keeps everyone updated on the progress.

• Track your budget and manage costs effortlessly without an accountant. Our strata levy generator calculates invoices and automatically sends emails to owners in three minutes, quickly and easily!

• Initiate group discussions, one-to-one meetings, or converse with your neighbours by posting notices on the notice board. All this is possible via our online strata management software.

• Residents can book community spaces such as barbecues, tennis courts, or meeting rooms.

• We provide regular, easy-to-understand updates. If you get stuck, a strata professional is only an email or phone call away.

• Lastly, our property management software saves you money but provides professional support.

Looking for a body corporate management software? Contact us today at 1300 848 343, and we’ll get back to you shortly!

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