Body Corporate Maintenance

Body Corporate Maintenance: Who is Responsible for What?

20th February, 2024

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For those who own a property lot within a strata body corporate in Melbourne, you will inevitably face situations where maintenance and repairs are required. Oftentimes, property repairs can be pricey, and it is worthwhile knowing whether the body corporate should pay or if you would need to cover the...

property management software

Property Management Software

14th July, 2023

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Renting and managing a property isn’t merely about finding the right tenant but ensuring your property’s long-term security and effective maintenance. Availing the services of a property manager is a prerequisite for investors and real estate owners as they handle and simplify some of the most challenging tasks on behalf...

Strata Management Perth

Strata Management in Perth: Essential Tips and Best Practices

11th July, 2023

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The strata property type allows users to own a specific portion of a developed area and share common areas and facilities with other owners. In this, strata property management plays a crucial role in maintaining efficient operations and harmonious living within residential and commercial spaces in Perth. Being a strata...

strata manager

What is the Role of a Strata Manager?

7th July, 2023

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Managing shared or co-owned property is a challenging task, as it’s a multi-faceted requirement that involves legalities, communication, and knowledge of finance. To help take this burden off your shoulders, strata managers come to your rescue. Strata managers, also known as body corporate managers, play a critical role in the...


A Body Corporate Manager in Australia

28th June, 2023

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Body corporate manager, often called strata managers, are highly-skilled professionals who play a significant role in the day-to-day operations of a body corporate (also known as an owner’s corporation) in Australia. They are entrusted with overseeing and managing the everyday operations of a strata scheme or a condominium association. A...