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Apartment glut will lead to a 15 per cent price fall in some capital city areas

6th February, 2017

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An apartment glut in some of Australia’s biggest cities has led oversupply and the risk of a sharp price fall. This will lead to a price fall of up to 15 per cent, leading economists warn. Despite the clear risks of a sharp downturn, interest rates continue to be at...

Not sure about apartment pet laws? Find out your rights for you and your pet

12th October, 2016

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Pets and apartments don’t mix, right? Well, for a long time, this was a widely held belief. And there are still plenty of people who think that flats and Fido don’t mix. But rules are slowly being relaxed as more and more people come to realise that most pets don’t...

Annoyed by your noisy neighbours? Do something about it!

4th October, 2016

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“I have to listen to my neighbour’s music and I don’t have a choice.” Is this you? And not so into their music? Dealing with noisy neighbours can be a tricky affair. After all, they live next to you and could make your life even more miserable if they were...

What Do I Own in my Strata Scheme and What is Common Property?

22nd June, 2016

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For any unit owner as part of a strata scheme, body corporate or owners corporation, the critical question is what is your unit (or lot) and what is common property. This will determined who is responsible for what and who pays. General Rule (subject to exceptions) The general rule applicable...

Website creates Vertical Communities

10th February, 2015

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A website for buildings that creates vertical communities sounds like techno, tree hugging, mumbo-jumbo. Indeed ‘community building’ is one of those slogans you hear chanted by the left; people who want to save forests and shut down brown-coal fired power stations. But community building is now starting to gain the...