Body Corporate Services

Our Body Corp is one of the leading Body Corporate Management companies that provides professional body corporate services Australia-wide, including Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Queensland, Canberra, Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, and Western Australia.

As the population in Australia grows, urban areas are becoming highly dense. As less land is available close to the city, subdividing parcels of urban land to fit more properties is becoming more common. High-density living is the future.

If you own a property that is shared with other properties or lots within a building, you will also own a proportionate share in the units that make up the common property. Property owners are entitled to use the common property, which might include a common driveway and lockup garage, security, shared outdoor facilities, bike rack, garbage disposal area, physical amenities, post box room, concierge and much more.

Having more than two properties on a piece of land that share common property requires the creation of a corporate body. The corporate body facilitates the management of common property, which is shared by the residents who own properties or lots on the piece of land.

Most of the work is administrative, and it requires a comprehensive understanding of local laws and regulations. Professional Strata Manager exist to make compliance easy for those who need help.

Body Corporate Services

What is a Body Corporate?

A Body Corporate Strata comprises all owners who share common property on a piece of land. Owners become members of the body corporate. The body corporate will exist throughout the life of the land, which will be subdivided with multiple property owners. Members will be added and removed as owners come and go.

Managing the body corporate requires the formation of a representative and nominated committee that an elected chairperson leads. Each state in Australia has legislative rules as to how the committee is formed, what its purpose is, how its responsibilities are defined, and other matters. Essentially, they are responsible for managing the day-to-day affairs of the common property.

Owners must pay levies to fund these operations. The rate of these levies is determined by the body corporate committee, in consultation with all members at the Annual General Meeting (AGM), prescribing a monetary rate per unit held in the common property. The levy will vary accordingly depending on the size of an owner’s property.

For those who are time-poor, committees tend to outsource their body corporate responsibilities to a professional strata manager. The committee oversees the strata manager's work to ensure that the management fees paid by the body corporate are returning a valuable and beneficial service.

Body Corporate Services

How Does Body Corporate Management Service Work?

Body corporate management requires experience, time, and diligence. Committee members must remain responsible and accountable because they represent the needs and interests of all owners who have properties on the piece of land. Whether they choose to outsource the management function or not, the committee has a strict duty to perform well in their roles.

The committee must maintain the common property, engage service providers, manage essential services, purchase sufficient insurance, raise levies, respond to owner requests, deal with disputes, liaise with local authorities, set expectations and rules, welcome new owners and residents and much more.

Most of the work is administrative, and it requires a comprehensive understanding of local laws and regulations. Professional strata managers exist to make compliance easy for those who need help.

Our Comprehensive Body of Corporate Management Services Include

At Our Body Corp, we offer three packages:

     1. Owner-controlled package:

For those who wish to take complete control over strata property management, insource your body corporate management function with leading online strata management software. Manage your properties effectively with our new cloud-based solution which you can access anywhere and anytime. With leading security features, customisable tools and a quick and easy setup, you will be managing your properties efficiently immediately.

    2. Administration support package (most popular):

If you want a bit of support or complete support, we also offer an administration support package or a fully-managed package. Depending on the number of properties you own, the complexities of body corporate management, the time you are willing to spend managing the properties and your experience in managing properties, we can help you with our qualified and experienced support team when you need it.

    3. Fully managed package:

To help property owners self-manage their strata corporations online and save money, we have developed user-friendly solutions to help owners achieve their objectives. Worry less about processing body corporate fees, maintaining minutes of meetings and communicating notices to lot owners. With our online tool, it will boost your confidence, help you regain control and provide you with comfort knowing that you are managing your properties correctly.

How Much Does Body Corporate Management Service Cost in Australia?

We charge the following fees for our packages.

  1. 1. Owner-controlled package: $7 per unit / per month.
  2. 2. Administration support package (most popular): $9.50 per unit / per month.
  3. 3. Fully managed package: $21 per unit / per month.

Why Choose Our Body Corporate Services in Australia?

At Our Body Corp, we provide leading strata management solutions that will reduce your management fees by up to 70%. We understand the complexities of managing strata requirements and have developed tools and packages that will help you remain in control of your property. Whether you want full control or wish to delegate responsibilities to a professional strata manager, we have packages available that can be tailored to suit your needs and requirements. Our professional strata managers can help you select the right package and guide you to successfully manage your body corporate.

Body Corporate Management Services in Australia

Body Corporate Management, also known as “ Strata Management ”, is the day-to-day operation and management of a property that is jointly owned and comprises multiple units, common areas and common facilities. Strata schemes are governed by State based legislation.

Our Body Corp is a cloud based online strata management tool designed to help owners self-manage their body corporations online and save money! Save up to 70% on your strata management fees and still get the professional support you need.

The concept of the Strata Scheme and Body Corporate began 50 years ago. There are now more than 270,000 such schemes encompassing more than two million individual lots across Australia. In Sydney strata now accounts for more than half of all residential sales and leases because of its popularity with investors.

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