Strata Management in Perth: Essential Tips and Best Practices

Strata Management Perth
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The strata property type allows users to own a specific portion of a developed area and share common areas and facilities with other owners. In this, strata property management plays a crucial role in maintaining efficient operations and harmonious living within residential and commercial spaces in Perth. Being a strata manager, part of a strata committee, or an owner of a strata property, it’s vital to understand the fundamental principles, legal frameworks, and effective practices.

Read on to explore the essential tips and best practices for successful strata management in Perth.

Understanding Strata Management in Perth

Let’s begin with understanding the fundamental principles of strata management in Perth.Strata management means administering and maintaining shared spaces in multi-ownership complexes. In Perth, this typically involves residential and commercial strata schemes governed by the Strata Titles Act 1985.

Under the fundamental aspects of strata management come key stakeholders’ roles and responsibilities, including strata managers, strata committees, and property owners. Strata managers act as intermediaries, overseeing day-to-day operations, financial management, and compliance, while strata committees coordinate with strata managers. It comprises elected owners who make consistent decisions for the smooth functioning of the strata property.

Additionally, being well-versed in legal frameworks governing strata management in Perth is essential for effective strata management. The Strata Titles Act 1985 outlines the rules and regulations covering by-laws, levies, maintenance, and dispute resolution.

Building an Effective Strata Committee

• Selecting competent committee members: Choose committee members based on their skills, expertise, experience and commitment to the strata scheme. Ensure members are from diverse backgrounds and hold expertise for a well-rounded team.

• Defining roles and responsibilities: Define each member’s roles and responsibilities, ensuring a clear division of tasks. It includes appointing a chairperson, secretary, and treasurer. This will remove any chaos and allow the smooth functioning of the committee.

• Effectual communication: Maintain regular communication between the committee and the owners. Email, online portals, or messaging apps can be used for quick, efficient and transparent communication.

• Decision-making process: Ensure fair and transparent decision-making by hearing each member’s opinion, setting agendas, and documenting meeting minutes.

Build a strong strata committee by harnessing the collective expertise of owners and working together to address critical issues and make informed decisions.

Financial Management for Strata Properties

• Budgeting and financial planning: Finalise and create a realistic budget that covers regular expenses, maintenance and contingencies. While preparing a budget, consider factors such as insurance, utility cost, repairs and common area maintenance.

• Levies and sinking funds: Set appropriate levies to cover ongoing expenses and allocate funds to a sinking fund for major capital works and repairs. Ensure levies are fair, transparent, and comply with legal requirements.

• Fair accounting practices: Maintain accurate financial records, including income, expenses, and financial statements. Employ professional accounting systems and processes to ensure transparency and compliance.

By practising sound financial management, strata managers and committees can ensure the availability of funds for regular maintenance, repairs, and unexpected expenses.

Maintenance and Repairs

• Create a maintenance plan: Develop a comprehensive plan mentioning routine maintenance tasks, inspections and preventative measures. Regularly review and update this plan to address changing requirements or immediate needs.

• Prioritise repairs: Take prompt action to repair or replace and prevent further damage to the property. Alternatively, you can implement online software that enables owners and residents to report maintenance issues.

• Engage qualified contractors: Connect and collaborate with reputable and experienced contractors and service providers. Gather multiple quotes for significant works and ensure compliance with local regulations.

• Maintain a balance between routine maintenance and major upgrades: Strike a balance between regular tasks and major upgrades. Prioritise works that improve safety, energy efficiency and overall property value.

Implement a maintenance approach for strata properties to retain their appeal and value. This minimises long-term costs, ensuring a comfortable living environment for residents.
By-laws and Compliance

• Educate residents and owners: Communicate and educate owners and residents about the significance and consequences of non-compliance with the by-laws. Provide a detailed outline on how to access and understand those laws.

• Enforce by-laws consistently: Develop a system for monitoring and enforcing by-laws consistently. Address any violations promptly and fairly to maintain a harmonious living environment.

• Address common compliance issues: Actively address common compliance issues such as noise, pets, parking and waste disposal.

• Mediation and dispute resolution: Establish a fair and efficient mediation and dispute resolution process to handle conflicts arising from by-law violations.
By managing by-laws effectively, strata managers and committees can create a cohesive and enjoyable living environment for all residents.

Engaging with Strata Owners and Residents

• Regular communication: Maintain communication channels to keep owners and residents aligned and informed about important matters and updates.

• Encourage participation: Foster a sense of community and encourage residents and owners to participate in strata meetings, events and committees. Be proactive in taking suggestions and involve them in the decision-making process.

• Resolve conflicts proactively: Implement resolution strategies to address disputes and disagreements between owners and residents.

• Foster a sense of community: Organise social events or community initiatives to foster a sense of community and belonging among residents. Encourage a healthy, positive and inclusive community atmosphere.

By creating a sense of belonging with the owners and residents, strata managers and committee members can build strong relationships, promote a sense of ownership and ensure a vibrant strata community.

Leveraging Technology in Strata Management

• Online portals: Implement an online portal that enables owners and residents to access important information, documents, communicate with the committee, and participate in online voting.

• Communication tools: Utilise messaging apps, email newsletters, or social media platforms to facilitate efficient communication with owners and residents.

• Financial management software: Utilise specialised financial management, accounting and recording-keeping software.

• Maintenance management system: Adopt digital methods for tracking and managing maintenance requests, scheduling inspections, and monitoring repairs.

By embracing technology, strata managers and committees can enhance efficiency, improve communication, and provide better services to owners and residents.


Mastering strata management in Perth requires a multifaceted approach encompassing legal understanding, effective financial management, proactive maintenance, compliance with by-laws, engaging with owners and residents, and leveraging technology. By following these essential tips and best practices, strata managers and committees can successfully navigate the complexities of strata management. By fostering harmonious living environments and maintaining the value of strata properties, they ultimately contribute to the overall satisfaction and well-being of owners and residents in Perth’s strata schemes.

To help owners master strata management, Our Body Corp offers online strata management software. It enables strata owners to independently manage financial, administrative, maintenance, and service matters. It’s a tool that integrates all strata management features into one solution, thus saving time and money. Our strata management services enable owners to set their objectives, maintain their budget and achieve their goals at their own pace.

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