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Body Corporate Maintenance: Who is Responsible for What?

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For those who own a property lot within a Strata Body Corporate in Melbourne, you will inevitably face situations where maintenance and repairs are required. Oftentimes, property repairs can be pricey, and it is worthwhile knowing whether the body corporate should pay or if you would need to cover the costs. Given the variability in size, age, facilities, layout, and condition of a building, maintenance and repair work will differ in complexity, with some maintenance problems turning into major work, especially when multiple lots are affected by one problem. The main purpose of body corporate management is to look after […]Read More

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Foreign Investment in Australia’s Property Market

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I was aware that the rules changed in 2010 for foreigners buying into the Australian property market but wasn’t quite sure how it all worked. This is the low-down direct from the Foreign Investment Review Board. “Temporary residents may acquire one established dwelling only and it must be used as their residence in Australia.  These applications are normally approved subject to the condition that: the property is vacant at settlement; the property is used as your principal place of residence; no part of the property is rented; and you sell the property when it ceases to be your principal place […]Read More

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Get set for the next wave of downsizers

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The Age reports that “The number of downsizers looking for apartments is predicted to take off this year with the improvement in the property market. Australian Property Monitors data shows the Sydney median house price rose 3.4 per cent last year. Canterbury Bankstown had the most growth at 11.5 per cent, but the northern beaches and upper north shore grew more than 7 per cent. Even the east grew 3 per cent, though the lower north shore fell 0.4 per cent. click here to read moreRead More

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A strata fire to end all fires

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As a unit owner if this doesn’t frighten the bejeezes out of you, then I don’t know what will.  I understand that no one was hurt which is a relief. A strata fire to end all strata fires. Check out this video clip Tamweel Tower Blaze (Dubai) “While it’s uncertain how this fire was started, many think the metal used for cladding contained a flammable core that propelled the flames even faster. Reporters even captured images of the burning metal pieces popping off the sides of the building and starting smaller fires on the roofs of nearby structures.” [via archpaper […]Read More