Pet Waste – Cats

Cat faeces can carry toxoplasmosis - a disease that is can be dangerous to pregnant women. Fortunately, cats are seen as very clean by owners and need very little toilet training. If your cat needs to be kept entirely indoors it must learn to use kitty litter trays. Start by introducing several trays with different kinds of litter until you find one your cat will use. If all else fails, most cats will toilet in garden soil. Start with 90% soil and 10% commercial litter until your cat is regularly using the tray, then slowly increase the ratio to 100% commercial litter. Have as many litter trays as you have cats, plus one extra. Litter trays need to be one and a half times the size of your largest cat, and deep enough to absorb all your cat’s waste. Litter tray avoidance, misfires, mishaps and misuse are signs your cat is trying to tell you something. Ask yourself “is the tray clean?” Nobody likes a dirty toilet! Keep litter trays in a private place well away from feeding areas. Ref: Strata Community Aust

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