Dealing with Noisy Neighbours in NSW

So, the owner or tenant in the unit next door is making too much noise.

  1. Take The Polite Approach

    First, take the polite approach and try to resolve the matter in person. If you don't feel comfortable ask a friend to join you.

  2. Request The Owner's Corporation To Issue A Notice

    Still no luck? Request the owners' corporation (which can be delegated to the strata manager) to issue a Notice to Comply with a By-Law available through Fair Trading. Instructions for how to issue this notice are noted on the form. The owner of the offending unit receives this form but make sure the real estate agent is also copied on this form (if the matter involves a tenant).

  3. Seek A Fine

    Still no luck? Seek a fine under the provisions of the Notice to Comply with a By-Law process.

  4. Apply for Mediation Through Fair Trading

    Now what? Apply for mediation through Fair Trading to have a mediator assist you to discuss the issue with the owner/tenant.

  5. Consult This Dealing with Neighbourhood Noise Fact Sheet

    Remember it's illegal to make noise at certain hours. Consult this Dealing with Neighbourhood Noise fact sheet to see if you're entitled to phone the police.

  6. Keep A Log of The Noise

    While this is all happening, make sure you keep a log of the noise, eg volume, times, duration, type. This will assist your argument for pursuing the steps noted above.

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