How do we resolve noise-related disputes?

The best answer to resolving noise from neighbours is to first talk to them. If you are angry, before speaking to them you will need to cool down and collect your thoughts – because the worst possible thing is picking a fight with neighbours! Remember, you have to live next to them, and an escalating conflict can be the cause of far deeper and prolonged stress than the incident that caused it. So, your approach should always be calm, rational, and polite. Most people are reasonable. It often happens that offenders are completely unaware of how distressing their noise is, and welcome being told so they can moderate their behaviour. If you suspect the noise is due to drinking, you may wish to consider postponing your visit until the following day when the offenders can soberly comprehend what you have to say. In cases of exceptional noise the offenders should always be contacted to ensure they understand it is unacceptable, and lest it set a precedent.

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