15 Fantastically Organised Spaces

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15 Fantastically Organised Spaces_

With sales in Australian apartments going gangbusters, the secret to living in these apartments is fanastically organised spaces.

Australians have much to learn from apartment dwellers accustomed to the confined spaces of New York or Tokyo. Organised thinking and discipline is what’s needed when you don’t have a ‘pool room’ to display your collectables.

There are handy little secrets for fantastically organised spaces. There are some great tips from bloggers on sites such as Apartment Therapy.

I like this blog with gorgeous photos to admire for their organisation.

“Beautifully organised spaces are very inspirational for me. Often, I think, if I only had more space, but these rooms make it clear that space is not the issue. In fact, we know that it’s more environmentally-friendly to live small; you just need to know the secrets to making a small space work. Creative solutions, lovely placement, and only having what you use and love make a room clean and simple.

cupboard officeGo to 15 Fantastically Organised Spaces for photos.

1 A small organized bedroom keeps a child’s room clean and simple.
2 I’m a sucker for an organized office and with its neutral palate, this one makes it look easy.
3 Taking advantage of the bright yarn and other craft supplies this great room makes the storage art.
4 We know you’ve seen it, but organizing your books by color is such a great way to make a statement.
5 A strong color carried throughout the room makes this living area look organized even with many things in the space.

6 How clever! I love this closet turned into a kid’s office.
7 Even with open shelving, this kitchen still looks simple and organized.
8 Two desks in a small space don’t look cramped because of large graphic elements that draw your eye away from any potential mess.
9 Make it colorful! Showcasing lovely fabrics on hoops this craft room makes you want to work.
10 Wood tones on this bookshelf anchor the area and make everything else look in place.

11 Sophisticated storage. It’s open and there’s a lot on those shelves but it looks great.
12 All white makes this desk with a lot going on look like a calm space.
13 The closer you look the more great ideas you’ll find in this cute space.
14 I think we all dream of a garage that looks like this.
15 Thoughtful groupings in this living and dining room make a lot of stuff practically disappear.”

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