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Improve Property Value in a Strata Scheme

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To improve property value in a strata scheme, owners must work together to achieve results. This can be a difficult undertaking as people have different ideas about what renovations are required to add property value in a strata scheme. Sometimes people make the mistake of taking the cheap option of simply patching a structural problem or existing defect. This is like wallpapering a cracked wall. Any building inspection from a new purchaser will reveal the underlaying cause of the problem and thus devalue the whole property. This can also cause the impression that there may be other major issues you […]Read More

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How to Add Value to your Apartment Building

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How do you add value to your apartment? Most likely you’d install a timber floor or update the kitchen. The cost – tens of thousands of dollars – and with a rising property market and a bit of luck you’d see the money back. Even if you don’t want to spend that sort of money on your apartment, you can still add value to it by making sure it’s part of an appealing and well kept building. With thousands of new apartments being built making improvements to your own building may not just be an option, it may be a […]Read More

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15 Fantastically Organised Spaces

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With sales in Australian apartments going gangbusters, the secret to living in these apartments is fanastically organised spaces. Australians have much to learn from apartment dwellers accustomed to the confined spaces of New York or Tokyo. Organised thinking and discipline is what’s needed when you don’t have a ‘pool room’ to display your collectables. There are handy little secrets for fantastically organised spaces. There are some great tips from bloggers on sites such as Apartment Therapy. I like this blog with gorgeous photos to admire for their organisation. “Beautifully organised spaces are very inspirational for me. Often, I think, if […]Read More

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Vegetal Facades without a vegetable in sight

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Why are vertical gardens (or vegetal facades) so appealing? Well, let’s get the name right first – vegetal facades. Creating a wall of forest is both beautiful and awe inspiring in an urban environment. Beautiful – well, of course. Awe inspiring – how do you look after all those pots plants?  These heavenly vegetal facades give insight into the evolution of man.  From the forest to the forest. Lots of inspiration for strata properties, crikey, did I just frighten you? Check out this amazing building in Madrid Madrid Vertical Garden by Patrick Blanc, but don’t check out his website because […]Read More