What’s a Proxy? and proxy form templates for each State/Territory

When a lot owner cannot attend meetings, they have the option of appointing a substitute representative by proxy. This allows owners to have their say in all circumstances. But proxies need controls to ensure that the representation is valid and accurate. In most states there is a prescribed proxy form. Some states also require the form to be given to lot owners with the meeting notice. And, in most states the proxy can be submitted anytime up to the start of the meeting (and even at the meeting). But, in some states (Queensland) and in some circumstances (large schemes in New South Wales) proxies need to be delivered before the meeting date. NSW Proxy Appointment Form NSW.pdf Queensland Proxy Form Body Corporate QLD.pdf Victoria Owners__Corporation_Proxy_Form_VIC.pdf South Australia - Western Australia - Northern Territory - Tasmania - ACT Proxy_Form.pdf (This is a standard Proxy Form template. It's suitable for use in Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory and the ACT.)

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