What are by-laws and are they important?

What are By-Laws? They are the rules governing issues that impact your block of units such as: • administering, managing and controlling common property and assets • regulating the use and enjoyment of lots, common property, assets, services and amenities They are also called articles, rules or memorandum. They can include specific items such as whether you can own a pet, do you get charged a penalty for late strata fees and where can you park your car. Are By-Laws important? Yes, very important! If your By-Laws are clear and up to date, everyone knows the rules and it can save angst down the track. And owners, don’t forget to give a copy of the By-Laws to tenants. I can’t find my By-Laws? Your management committee should have a copy of your By-Laws. Your strata manager will definitely have a copy (if you have a strata manager). Or, if all else fails go to the relevant agency in your State with the name and number of your strata scheme. Your By-Laws (and subsequent updates) must be registered with this government agency. This information is provided as a guide only, it is not a substitute for legal advice. The recipient must at all times comply with local and strata title regulations and any other law.

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