Tips for Committees

To avoid potential pitfalls, owners committees should practice the following:

  • know the correct rules and processes and follow them - doing this can avoid problems and disputes
  • keep common property well maintained and carry out repairs before the problem gets worse (and more expensive to fix)
  • take action quickly if an owner falls behind with their make sure the building insurance cover is always up to date
  • support community living by following and enforcing the by-laws (never make by-laws seem optional by not enforcing them)
  • try not to have the same people in the same Executive Committee positions year after year. Rotating members lets others gain experience, brings fresh ideas and helps to stop cliques from forming
  • read contracts carefully before signing and get legal advice if needed, especially if the contract is complex, long-term or involves large sums of money. Spending a small amount on legal advice up-front is better than facing expensive court action down the track.
Ref: Strata Community Aust

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