National Broadband Network (NBN) Cabling

The National Broadband Network (NBN) is Australia's first national open access broadband network for all Australians. Consisting of 93% fibre, 4% wireless and 3% satellite it delivers high-speed broadband to enable not only improved and faster internet access, but better services from all facets of government and commercial organisations. The NBN is being rolled out simultaneously in metropolitan, regional and rural areas over approximately 10 years by NBN Co, which is a Government Business Enterprise like Australia Post. The fibre is expected to pass 13 million premises when the rollout is complete. A vast number of these will be apartments and townhouse complexes – multi-dwelling units (MDUs). NBN Co does not charge for standard in-building cabling within participating MDUs during the local network construction. Detailed cabling designs for each MDU are created using NBN Co's standard methods. Most MDUs will be internally cabled to a suitable point outside each unit. Some MDUs can be cabled as if they were single dwelling units. The process Prior to any street network fibre construction NBN Co undertakes the following:

  • Identifies all the MDUs, the number of end user premises in each, and their addresses
  • Identifies the owners corporations (or equivalent) and gains their consent to survey the MDUs including gaining access to existing floor plans where practical
  • Using the survey results produces a detailed design of each MDU and selects the right combination materials to suit it in line with NBN’s defined standards
  • Presents a detailed standard design, cabling plan and sample list of materials to the owners corporations (or equivalent) to gain either their consent to cable, or to refine the planned approach and resubmit to them
  • Once consent has been obtained, NBN produces a 'job pack' for the cabling contractor to successfully complete the MDU cabling as per the agreed design.
How owners corporations can assist Owners' Corporations have the opportunity to assist their members understand what's involved. They can:
  • Act as a central portal for information and enquiries about NBN and providing members with links to this article and/or the explanatory videos and brochures on the NBN Co website
  • Arrange with NBN to have information sessions with guest speakers for their members.
  • Provide the initial approval to conduct the cabling survey and design of the property
  • Pre-register their interest with NBN Co at (
For more details about the National Broadband Network initiative visit (

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