Elevator Maintenance and Upgrades

All strata managers know that maintenance of a building's plant and equipment is something they must do, but owners are sometimes reluctant because it means spending money. There is also nothing worse for a strata scheme than to be confronted with unbudgeted costs.

This can be a real problem for strata schemes with elevators that are ageing. It is vital that executive committees are aware of the risks and lifecycle of each elevator in their building as elevator repairs and upgrades are generally more costly when not part of the planned maintenance program.

While paying a service provider to provide maintenance is one thing, they can offer so much more. Having a good relationship with your service provider is important. By working together you both ensure that the client – the owners corporation – gets equipment that is kept in top order. By doing this problems can be detected before they occur and ultimately costs can be kept in-check.

Few things are more annoying than a poorly maintained elevator that is constantly breaking down, especially as this can easily be avoided with some forward planning.

A good provider should be able to do two things for you:

1. Provide a comprehensive risk and hazard assessment in line with Australian Elevator Association guidelines.

This assessment outlines the risks in terms of high, medium and low levels across your elevators, and indicates what solutions should be put in place to reduce the potential for harm to owners, tenants, visitors and workers, and reduce exposure to potential claims.

2. Undertake a comprehensive lifecycle report, so its findings can be factored in to the sinking fund forecast.

This report should detail all of the equipment and its condition, along with a timeline and budget showing what the replacement costs are.

These two reports are essential for any strata scheme and should be undertaken and updated regularly. Some schemes choose to use a third party to help them, which can cost. That cost may be better directed towards the actual works themselves.

If you have a good relationship with your lift service provider there is no reason why they couldn't perform these reports for you and it will generally cost nothing. After all, you are paying the lift company for their expertise.

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