Duties and Responsibilities of Committee Members

Chairperson The Chairperson must chair every meeting (in the absence of the committee Chairperson another member may chair the meeting with agreement of the voting members);

  • Authorises the Minutes of the previous Committee/General Meeting;
  • Has the authority to rule a motion "Out of Order" at General Meetings;
  • Must be aware of the committee’s spending limit and authorisations imposed on the committee;
  • Approves annual building insurance quotes and renewals.
Secretary * Generally calls committee meetings; * Advises owners of any committee meetings; * Takes minutes of meetings, in the absence of a body corporate manager; * Maintains records of the outcome of any decision taken outside of a meeting; * Accepts from owners quotes and tenders for proposed major work (in conjunction with the body corporate manager); * Obtains quotes or tenders for major expenditure when the project is proposed by the committee; * Prepares any correspondence required of the committee. Treasurer * Pays authorised remuneration, allowances or expenses to a committee member; * Approves draft of budget; * Reviews monthly financials; * Approves payment of invoices; * If authorised by the body corporate, borrows funds. Ref: Strata Community Aust

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