Disputes – how to avoid and what to do about them? – more local contacts for dispute resolution coming soon

Strata schemes are a microcosm of society. Disputes occasionally occur because of divergent owner views, complex rules that apply, the substantial property and monetary interests that exist and the close living arrangements in medium and high density living. So finding ways to resolve disputes is important to preserve harmony and co-operation. The top five reasons for disputes are:

  • Use of common property
  • Parking
  • Noise
  • Breaking of by-laws
  • Lot renovations
Solutions In most states conciliation or mediation is required in strata disputes. A few states require the scheme to undertake an internal dispute resolution process in some circumstances. All states provide for disputes in strata schemes to be handled by specified tribunals or courts. Some states have very sophisticated specialist dispute processes and venues, but a number have limitations on whether or not damages can be ordered and whether or not costs orders can be made. For specific information for your locality, visit the website of your state or territory government strata scheme regulator. Ref: Strata Community Aust

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