FAQs regarding your child in an Owners Corporation

Can I raise my children in a self-managed strata community? Most children, being adaptable little people, are perfectly happy growing up in apartment environments. Many apartment complexes also provide adequate garden space and play areas to cater for their needs. Are there any by-laws affecting kids in strata communities? Many strata schemes have bylaws placing some restrictions on unsupervised children playing on common property within and outside the building. The purpose of such by-laws is to minimise harm to children, particularly in parts of the common property that may be dangerous such as driveways and car parking areas. Other than for retirement village strata schemes, by-laws are not allowed to restrict or prevent children living in a strata scheme. What if my kids make noise? Given the usual close confines of complexes, parents need to be aware and considerate of other residents and teach their children to moderate noise, and the basic and invaluable lessons of empathy. Even 6-year-olds are old enough to comprehend the concept of fairness and treating others well. However, for the happiness of all residents, body corporates need to ensure their by-laws are adequate to manage child play and noise. Are there any risks to raising kids in strata communities? It’s also important to ensure apartments and their common areas are child-safe. The most serious risks to young children are falls from windows and balconies, and for complexes with water bodies of any type, drowning. Ref: Strata Community Aust

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