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15 Things Respectful Body Corporate Residents Do

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When you buy a property that forms part of a strata scheme, you are effectively investing in a community. The community is typically split into three groups. Lot Owners: The owners of the individual properties, often called “lots”, within the strata scheme. Lot Owners collectively make decisions about how the common property is managed, administered and maintained, and contribute financially to the operation of the strata scheme. Residents and Occupants: The people who live within the strata scheme. Residents may be lot owners (owner-occupiers) or tenants. They could also be people who work in any commercial lots that may exist […]Read More

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Savvy Strata Owners Get Involved

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News Release Coinciding with popular TV shows such as The Block, today’s Strata unit owners are more savvy about their investment, taking control and interest in managing the affairs of the whole building they live in, including the common areas they jointly own. Commenced in the early 1960s as a form of property management devised for people living in unit blocks, townhouses and apartment buildings, today there are an estimated 120,000 Strata, Body or Owners’ Corporations in Australia. Mostly they manage the common areas such as stairs, lifts, gardens, car parks and the like, as well as organising building maintenance funds […]Read More

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Self-managed Strata Unit Owners work together to transform Problem Block

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I have to share with you a wonderful story of a group of self-managed strata unit owners in Ashgrove (Qld). About a year ago they didn’t have a strata manager and their building was in a terrible state. The property was run-down with flooding in the understory of the building every time it rained. The property’s value was declining dramatically. It was one of those depressing stories that keeps owners awake at night. The owners joined Our Body Corp in April last year and began the process of self-managing their strata with some support from us along the way. The […]Read More

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No Pet, No Apartment

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Now I like this twist on an old theme. Pets and Apartments don’t mix. Speak to anyone living in a community of residents and you’ll find the usual points of serious conflict occur around pets, parking and noise. There has been much debate about people’s right to keep pets in apartment complexes with Larry (a dog featured in one of our earlier blogs) the subject of a legal tussle. But check out Judy, the owner of a North Hollywood apartment complex who only allows people to rent her units if they have a pet. She has her own philosophy on […]Read More

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Unethical Strata Managers

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I hear some terrible strata stories but this week I heard a corker. I have been working with a Sydney-based strata community. The owners of this block of 22 townhouses have been pulling their hair out for several years with an unscrupulous strata manager who authorised supposed ‘maintenance’ on the property at inflated prices. Many of the maintenance jobs were not completed or poorly executed. Money was paid to family members of the strata manager for the maintenance works. The community’s accounts were in a terrible state. The community decided to self-manage their strata scheme one year ago with Our […]Read More

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Vegetal Facades without a vegetable in sight

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Why are vertical gardens (or vegetal facades) so appealing? Well, let’s get the name right first – vegetal facades. Creating a wall of forest is both beautiful and awe inspiring in an urban environment. Beautiful – well, of course. Awe inspiring – how do you look after all those pots plants?  These heavenly vegetal facades give insight into the evolution of man.  From the forest to the forest. Lots of inspiration for strata properties, crikey, did I just frighten you? Check out this amazing building in Madrid Madrid Vertical Garden by Patrick Blanc, but don’t check out his website because […]Read More

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1 in 10 Australians live in strata units but know little about what it means

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Great article from UNSW TV on living in strata units and what it means: One in 10 Australians live in strata titled homes such as apartments or townhouses; in Sydney it’s closer to one in four. A UNSW study has found there are major problems with strata living, including ongoing building defects and management issues. One in ten Australians live in strata titled homes such as apartments or townhouses; in Sydney it’s closer to one in four. But how much do we know about strata title living and what it involves? The University of New South Wales has completed a […]Read More

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Foreign Investment in Australia’s Property Market

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I was aware that the rules changed in 2010 for foreigners buying into the Australian property market but wasn’t quite sure how it all worked. This is the low-down direct from the Foreign Investment Review Board. “Temporary residents may acquire one established dwelling only and it must be used as their residence in Australia.  These applications are normally approved subject to the condition that: the property is vacant at settlement; the property is used as your principal place of residence; no part of the property is rented; and you sell the property when it ceases to be your principal place […]Read More