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Body Corporate Maintenance: Who is Responsible for What?

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For those who own a property lot within a Strata Body Corporate in Melbourne, you will inevitably face situations where maintenance and repairs are required. Oftentimes, property repairs can be pricey, and it is worthwhile knowing whether the body corporate should pay or if you would need to cover the costs. Given the variability in size, age, facilities, layout, and condition of a building, maintenance and repair work will differ in complexity, with some maintenance problems turning into major work, especially when multiple lots are affected by one problem. The main purpose of body corporate management is to look after […]Read More

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The Role Of A Strata Manager Vs Property Manager

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Strata management companies often get asked the question, how does your role as a strata property manager differ to that of a property manager?’. Whether you are a tenant, or a landlord it is very important that you know the difference to ensure smooth and successful dealings for all parties as well as setting the right level of expectations from the get-go. The overarching difference between a Strata Manager vs Property Manager is that the former is responsible for managing common areas within collective residential and/or commercial environment, whereas a property manager is responsible for the management of the physical […]Read More

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A pipe has been broken by a tenant in a strata property. Who pays?

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We recently saw this question about tenants in a strata property posted on the Flat Chat Forum, (a forum for people and managers living and working in strata communities can post questions and have them answered by the community). Question: Tenants broke a waste pipe which is attached to the garage wall inside the garage. They hit it whilst entering or exiting the garage.  The owner has asked the Owners Corporation to have the pipe repaired. My question is who should pay for repair as the damage is obviously done by the tenant and our owners corporation are getting sick […]Read More

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Unethical Strata Managers

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I hear some terrible strata stories but this week I heard a corker. I have been working with a Sydney-based strata community. The owners of this block of 22 townhouses have been pulling their hair out for several years with an unscrupulous strata manager who authorised supposed ‘maintenance’ on the property at inflated prices. Many of the maintenance jobs were not completed or poorly executed. Money was paid to family members of the strata manager for the maintenance works. The community’s accounts were in a terrible state. The community decided to self-manage their strata scheme one year ago with Our […]Read More

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1 in 10 Australians live in strata units but know little about what it means

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Great article from UNSW TV on living in strata units and what it means: One in 10 Australians live in strata titled homes such as apartments or townhouses; in Sydney it’s closer to one in four. A UNSW study has found there are major problems with strata living, including ongoing building defects and management issues. One in ten Australians live in strata titled homes such as apartments or townhouses; in Sydney it’s closer to one in four. But how much do we know about strata title living and what it involves? The University of New South Wales has completed a […]Read More

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Foreign Investment in Australia’s Property Market

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I was aware that the rules changed in 2010 for foreigners buying into the Australian property market but wasn’t quite sure how it all worked. This is the low-down direct from the Foreign Investment Review Board. “Temporary residents may acquire one established dwelling only and it must be used as their residence in Australia.  These applications are normally approved subject to the condition that: the property is vacant at settlement; the property is used as your principal place of residence; no part of the property is rented; and you sell the property when it ceases to be your principal place […]Read More

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Overcoming the culture shock of buying your first strata property (Part One)

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After living in a free-standing house, buying your first strata property can be quite a shock. With research you’ll find the financial and legal advice you need on what to look for in buying a strata property (go to the FAQ section of my website to get this information free of charge). But getting in sync with your new community of neighbours can be harder to grasp. You may love the apartment you plan to buy, but the grounds are looking tired and the pool’s a little dated.  You think, don’t worry, when I move in I’ll get active […]Read More