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What Do I Own in my Strata Scheme and What is Common Property?

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For any unit owner as part of a strata scheme, body corporate or owners corporation, the critical question is what is your unit (or lot) and what is common property. This will determined who is responsible for what and who pays. General Rule (subject to exceptions) The general rule applicable to the majority of strata schemes registered after 1 July 1974 is: The structures located on the solid thick line, such as, that shown above at the registration of the strata plan are common property. The ceiling , the structure of the floor including fixed tiles or floorboards, the electrical […]Read More

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Website creates Vertical Communities

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A website for buildings that creates vertical communities sounds like techno, tree hugging, mumbo-jumbo. Indeed ‘community building’ is one of those slogans you hear chanted by the left; people who want to save forests and shut down brown-coal fired power stations. But community building is now starting to gain the interest of property developers, a group not generally associated with left-leaning do-gooders! It’s good for developers to use the language, but are they really delivering housing that promotes genuine community building? Large scale residential towers along Australia’s eastern coast are enjoying a boom, as one in four Aussies now live […]Read More