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Savvy Strata Owners Get Involved

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News Release Coinciding with popular TV shows such as The Block, today’s Strata unit owners are more savvy about their investment, taking control and interest in managing the affairs of the whole building they live in, including the common areas they jointly own. Commenced in the early 1960s as a form of property management devised for people living in unit blocks, townhouses and apartment buildings, today there are an estimated 120,000 Strata, Body or Owners’ Corporations in Australia. Mostly they manage the common areas such as stairs, lifts, gardens, car parks and the like, as well as organising building maintenance funds […]Read More

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Self-managed Strata Unit Owners work together to transform Problem Block

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I have to share with you a wonderful story of a group of self-managed strata unit owners in Ashgrove (Qld). About a year ago they didn’t have a strata manager and their building was in a terrible state. The property was run-down with flooding in the understory of the building every time it rained. The property’s value was declining dramatically. It was one of those depressing stories that keeps owners awake at night. The owners joined Our Body Corp in April last year and began the process of self-managing their strata with some support from us along the way. The […]Read More

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Navigating the minefield that is strata insurance

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1. What is Strata Insurance? Strata Insurance is designed to protect you and your property as a lot owner. It provides general insurance cover for common property under the management of a strata title or body corporate entity. The premiums for strata insurance are typically shared amongst the lot owners as part of their strata fees and levies. 2. Is Strata Insurance mandatory? Holding strata insurance is mandatory under each state’s relevant strata legislation. However, each state and territory has different legislative requirements that deal with insurance for strata title properties. You should always check that your insurance meets those […]Read More

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Does Your Pool Pass the Test?

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Does your pool pass the test? What is the test? Did you know from April next year when a property, with a pool, is sold or leased in NSW that a certificate of compliance regarding the pool will need to be attached to the sale or lease contract? This can all sound kind of complicated, and the message we’re hearing is owners must obtain their certificate of compliance as soon as possible. Don’t wait until the time of sale or lease to apply. We understand that the Building Professional’s Board is establishing a new category of private certifier for pool […]Read More

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A pipe has been broken by a tenant in a strata property. Who pays?

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We recently saw this question about tenants in a strata property posted on the Flat Chat Forum, (a forum for people and managers living and working in strata communities can post questions and have them answered by the community). Question: Tenants broke a waste pipe which is attached to the garage wall inside the garage. They hit it whilst entering or exiting the garage.  The owner has asked the Owners Corporation to have the pipe repaired. My question is who should pay for repair as the damage is obviously done by the tenant and our owners corporation are getting sick […]Read More

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No Pet, No Apartment

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Now I like this twist on an old theme. Pets and Apartments don’t mix. Speak to anyone living in a community of residents and you’ll find the usual points of serious conflict occur around pets, parking and noise. There has been much debate about people’s right to keep pets in apartment complexes with Larry (a dog featured in one of our earlier blogs) the subject of a legal tussle. But check out Judy, the owner of a North Hollywood apartment complex who only allows people to rent her units if they have a pet. She has her own philosophy on […]Read More

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Unethical Strata Managers

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I hear some terrible strata stories but this week I heard a corker. I have been working with a Sydney-based strata community. The owners of this block of 22 townhouses have been pulling their hair out for several years with an unscrupulous strata manager who authorised supposed ‘maintenance’ on the property at inflated prices. Many of the maintenance jobs were not completed or poorly executed. Money was paid to family members of the strata manager for the maintenance works. The community’s accounts were in a terrible state. The community decided to self-manage their strata scheme one year ago with Our […]Read More

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DIY Strata goes Online

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DIY Strata goes online but some property owners know this already. Nice piece from strata journalist and expert Jimmy Thomson in Domain (Sydney Morning Herald, The Age, Canberra Times) There was a time when small strata schemes that weren’t professionally managed got by with casual chats in place of meetings, and levies reminder notes slipped under the door instead of printed invoices. But as strata life has become more complicated, with legal obligations stacking up, the back of a ciggie packet management model just doesn’t cut the mustard any more. As apartment buyers get more savvy, it hurts your property […]Read More

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Analogue TV signal switch off

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Today marks the end of analogue television transmission in Australia, with the country’s final two regions (Melbourne, and remote and central eastern Australia) switching off for good. After 57 years of service, the last transmission towers were turned off at 9am this morning. Now all free-to-air broadcasting in Australia is only available on digital televisions or by using a digital set-top box on an analogue TV. Digital TV means better picture and sound quality, more free-to-air channels and a wider broadcasting spectrum for services like as mobile broadband. But if you’re not ready to say goodbye just yet, you can relive the […]Read More

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NSW Strata Law Revolution

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There is a NSW strata law revolution quietly going on. New by-laws allowing pets in units, curbing smoking on apartment balconies and preventing the installation of noisy timber and tiled floors are among the changes in the biggest overhaul of strata laws in more than 50 years. Announcing the long-awaited reforms, Fair Trading Minister Anthony Roberts noted that 30 per cent of people in NSW either live or work in strata and there are now more than 72,000 strata plans – ranging from two-unit duplexes to massive mixed residential and commercial blocks. In 20 years, half the state’s population will […]Read More