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Efficient strata property management in the cloud. Take control of your body corporate management function with our leading online strata management software and service solution – all backed by a leading team.


If you own an apartment or property that requires an owners’ corporation (due to the presence of common property), Our Body Corp provides you with leading technology and the locally based support you need.


Helping you gain more control over the management of your strata building, Our Body Corp gives you transparency in to where your owners funds are being spent. Effectively manage your properties with our online cloud-based solution which you can access anywhere anytime. With leading security features, great functionality and a quick and easy setup, you will be having your properties managed better immediately!


Depending on the size of your community, the number of properties, the complexity of your body corporate management requirements, the time you able to contribute to managing the strata properties and your experience, we can offer you different packages – owner controlled through to a fully managed option.


Take control, gain transparency and get a better deal for your strata property management needs.


To help property owners self-manage their strata corporations online and save money, we have developed user-friendly solutions to help owners achieve their objectives. Worry less about processing body corporate fees, maintaining minutes of meetings and communicating notices to lot owners, with our online tool that will boost your confidence, help you regain control and provide you with comfort knowing that you are managing your properties correctly.To find out more about our solutions, browse our service offerings. Our prices are competitive in the market and we pride ourselves on quality, dedication and care. Revolutionise the way you manage your strata properties with effective solutions from Our Body Corp.


We're out to change the industry.

  • Efficient strata management in the cloud.
  • It's time to make your strata manager accountable.  Accountable for their actions.  Accountable for where your money goes.
  • Our Body Corp gives you transparency in to where your owners funds are being spent.  All records and communications are securely stored and able to be accessed when you need them.
  • Take control and get a better deal.

service options

Owner Controlled

Take back control of your strata. Our leading strata software solution provides you with all the tools you need to successfully manage your strata community. Communicate whenever you need, manage your financials, raise levies, arrange and conduct meetings, issue your minutes all in quick and easy steps.

Administration Support Package

Our Strata Administration Support Package allows you to manage your affairs by conducting your own meetings and remaining in control of all decisions affecting owners. All while your strata community is backed by a top support team who take care of the administration like raising owners levies and recording bill payments.

Fully Managed

All your strata management requirements taken care of by a first-class strata manager. This means you get all the benefits of our leading platform including great communication tools and complete transparency to all owners in their strata affairs – all at your fingertips 24/7 – backed by a great team with your interests at hand.

Support when you need it

National Coverage

Fully compliant with all state legislation across Australia

Professional Advice & Services

Strata management advice, legal advice, insurance advice, strata audits and general strata support

Recognised Maintenance Service Providers

We offer services from recognised national providers

Maintenance Plans and Project Management

Maintenance plans to maximise property value paying only for what you need, not more. Large projects managed for you.

strata management tool

our industry leading pricing

Owner Controlled Package
per unit/month
Our fully integrated system makes managing your strata easy
Saves you on average $400 per year
12 month subscription
Everything you need to take control of your strata
2 hours free support
Professional support available anytime
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Fully Managed
per unit/month
Our fully managed solution gives you the best communication and transparency
Saves you on average $232 per year
12 month contract
Manages all your strata needs
Our system keeps you informed and provides the transparency that others lack
Professional support available anytime
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